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The Pathfinder Club

...is a church-centered spiritual-recreation-activity program designed for young people starting with 5th grade and going all the way through high school. Pathfindering appeals to this age group because its program features activities that meet their needs and interests.  Much of the Pathfinder Club program is built around physical action. Why? Because youth of this age are in a fast-growing physical stage of development.  The club is filled with action, adventure, challenge, group activities and provides opportunities for the development of new attitudes and skills which produce meaningful personal growth, team and community spirit, and sense of loyalty and respect for God, His Creation, and His church.

We are always looking for parents and other adults willing to help kids develop different types of skill sets and help them grow in their Christian journey.


Tuma & MpandE Ayugi

 co-club leaders 

It is the privilege of parents to take their children with them to the gates of the city of God, saying, “I have tried to instruct my children to love the Lord, to do His will, and to glorify Him.” To such the gate will be thrown open, and parents and children will enter in.

Ellen G. White, Child Guidance, p. 13