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In these times, we need faith and spiritual strength like never before.  We need a revival of the Holy Spirit in our lives so we can be the witnesses for Christ we want to be. The world waits to hear the 3 Angels’ Messages, the truth that will prepare them for the very last days and Jesus’ coming.  

It will take spiritual power to get these messages out and spiritual power to live the truth before the watching world.  This is what we will be praying for, my dear friends.  And this is what God wants to give us as we pray together.

The 10 Days of Prayer initiative begins this Wednesday night, January 5th at 7:30 pm and runs every night through January 14th.  I hope you will be able to participate in many, if not all, of these 1-hour meetings where we will pray earnestly about the themes of spiritual revival & the 3 Angels’ Messages.

Please begin now to pray for these meetings as we will join churches all over the world in this great endeavor.

Pastor Robb



  • To prepare for the 10 Days of Prayer, download these attachments.

  • 10 Days of Prayer Meeting | 7:30 PM
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