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I will bless you, ...and you will be a blessing.

Genesis 12:2

All who accept the gospel take upon themselves the obligation to pass its blessings on to others.  In this way the work of salvation is extended.  God expects all souls reclaimed from sin to join in the same work for others which lifted him up and placed his feet upon the Rock.  The good things of God are not to be selfishly kept to ourselves.  We receive to give. Say Whittier, "The soul is lost that's saved alone." And as love prompted God's great gift, so His love in our hearts will prompt us to give, to minister, and to engage in loving service for the welfare and the happiness of others. ~Bible Readings, p.535


Carmel Seventh-day Adventist church wants for you to find a place to serve and grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Become involved where your spiritual needs can be fulfilled and where you can share what God has done in your life. Take a look through all the opportunities we have for you to get involved!