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Note From the Pastor...

Hi Friends,

Have you been blessed by our Bible reading plans the past two years?  If so, you'll be excited to know we have a new reading plan for this new year!  In 2022, we will read through the entire Bible in chronological order. This reading plan will give you daily assignments that arrange Biblical passages in the order that the events actually occurred in history. It will be an amazing experience for all of us to read the Scriptures in this new and dynamic way! 

Along with the chronological Bible reading plan, we are also providing a schedule that will enable you to read through the entire nine-volume set of Testimonies for the Church in 16 months, beginning January 1st.  That's just ten short pages each day. These testimonies will be a powerful resource for spiritual revival and reformation in your life! 

Finally, we plan to have a Facebook group to discuss the daily readings and perhaps a monthly or bi-monthly Zoom call for interaction related to what we're reading.

Friends, Jesus is coming soon and we all need to be ready to meet Him!  So be sure to join us for these reading challenges in 2022.  Remember, "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God!"

Pastor Robb D. Long 

 Bible & Testimonies to the Church Reading Plans (download)  Ellen G. White App (Windows)

 Testimonies Archive (daily read and/or listen; search in the format of "001", "002", or   "135." for example)

 Ellen G. White App (macOS)
 Testimonies for the Church Vols. 1-9 (website link)  The Word of Promise App (Audio Bible and Study Bible, dramatized by all-   star cast of actors)