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Carmel Family & Friends:

Many make the mistake of looking at the Bible as a mere book of stories and historical accounts.  They read it in a casual cursory way and get little out of it.  But Jesus taught that the true gems of truth lie beneath the leather, the paper, and the print.  The spiritual power is buried within and must be dug out, as one would dig in a mine for diamonds.  Once some of these gems are found and their spiritual power is felt, a love for the Bible is awakened in the heart of the treasure hunter. 

“The student begins to realize how vast is the field and how precious its treasure, he will desire to seize upon every opportunity for acquainting himself with God’s word. Its study will be restricted to no special time or place. And this continuous study is one of the best means of cultivating a love for the Scriptures. Let the student keep his Bible always with him. As you have opportunity, read a text, and meditate upon it. While walking the streets, waiting at a railway station, waiting to meet an engagement, improve the opportunity to gain some precious thought from the treasure house of truth. . . The outward beauty of the Bible, the beauty of imagery and expression, is but the setting, as it were, for its real treasure—the beauty of holiness.”  Education, p. 191.

Wow!  Can you see yourself enjoying the Bible like that?  Well, that experience can be yours, and I know something that will help.  In the new year before us, you will have the opportunity to search for and discover the beauty of holiness by following our new Bible reading plan.  This year, the plan will take us through the entire Bible, as well as the five book conflict series by Ellen White.  You will experience the awesome power of God’s word and benefit from the sublime insights of the Spirit of Prophecy – making God’s word come alive. If you need spiritual revival, this plan will bring it – guaranteed!  And not just to one fortunate finder, but to all who engage in the hunt.  I hope you are as excited as I am, and I hope you will join me in this year’s search for hidden treasure.  I’ll see you in the field!

Pastor Robb

Bible & SOP Reading Plan (download)

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