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Note From the Pastor...

Carmel Family & Friends:

As you think about New Year's resolutions, perhaps you'd like to take up the challenge of reading through the whole Bible in 2020.  If so, there is a Bible Reading Plan attached that will enable you to set daily reading goals on your way to reaching your ultimate goal of completing the entire Bible in one year! 

Not only will this plan give you daily goals to reach, but it breaks up the Bible by genre so you are reading from different portions of Scripture every day.  This method of moving around the Bible keeps it very interesting and makes sure you are getting "well-balanced meals". 

I hope you will give this opportunity your prayerful consideration.  Let's see how many of us can do this in 2020.  The readings are arranged to start on Sunday, the first day of the week, so the first reading, on Sunday, January 5th is Matthew, chapters 1 and 2.

May God bless you are you read His Word with 2020 vision!


Pastor Robb

Genre Bible Reading Plan (download)