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They come to our school from Carmel, Indiana. They discovered the Adventist church only three years ago. Onyx, Autumn, and Violet are in our K-4 classroom and Jewel and Ivy are in our 5th-8th grade classroom. Onyx is in kindergarten this year with three other students and he says, “I like phonics, my classmates and my teacher teach us to learn!” Violet and Autumn like that everyone is nice. Some of their favorite things to do in school is journaling, math and music class! They also have two older siblings at Indiana Academy.  Ravyn attends Indiana Academy, and she says, “ It’s like a glimpse of Heaven; you don’t have to defend your faith and veganism to everyone like you do in public school. This is why I love Adventist Education.” This is their first year at our school, and we are blessed to have another family dedicated to Adventist education, willing to make the sacrifice to have their children attend God’s school and a church family that supports students who want to be a part of Adventist Education. Jewel says, “I like having a small class so we can get to know each other and be friends. I am having a lot of fun!” 

Kacia Payne is the mother of all these amazing children and she is volunteering at our school by providing a vegan hot lunch program! The students and families love this service that she is providing, and we are blessed to have them at our school!

“My favorite subject is Bible because we learn more about God and the Bible and get to see our pastor come and preach in our school.” Amen! That is what we want for each of our students; to learn more about God and come to love Him more every day! We are so thankful for our families, students and church members who support us every day through contributions, volunteering or constant prayer!